Work in a Remote Team? 🤨

Do ongoing, Asynchronous
Remote team & Culture building

Because, Rome🏛 was not built in a day, and neither can a remote team's culture.

Currently in alpha test, please request your invite.

QuickTeam continually engage’s your remote team to build a positive work culture filled with:

🐶 Trust,
🐝 Cohesion,
🐘 Dependability &
🐧 Deeper Connection.


🔅 Discover more of your remote team mates

Organically find common interests, likes and dislikes or even see the quirky side of your teammates.

🔅 Away from the 'Slack' chatter

A little more structured and reduced chatter by design. Interact and engage with teammates in tiny doses.

🔅 Trust through deeper connection

Remote team mates are much more than their work, know each one of them a little more personally and deeper

How do we do that?

When working remote it is important to formalize informal communication.

Explicitly plan time to create, build, and maintain social connections and trust.

Sid Sijbrandij (Sytse). Co-founder & CEO of GitLab.


helps you do just that:

via Micro-engagements

So that you can get to know your teammates better and deeper,

and together build a culture of:

& Deeper Connection

Know your remote teammate,
better than you did yesterday

Read The Letter 💌 or see how QuickTeam engages automatically