How does QuickTeam continually engage with your remote team?

This is how...

QuickTeam replying to a task

Team building through continual micro-engagement is much better, here's why... 🤩

Fully asynchronous engagement, and no one needs to be present like in usual team building

Truly Remote First

Purposeful Social System

Meaningful and focused informal communication, and no overwhelming 'Slack' chats

Remote team building is ongoing and continually done in tiny doses

Sized Exchanges

Minimum Work

No planning, extra resources, clashing schedules or time zones like when doing usual team building

Minimal time commitment and works seamlessly within a remote team's workflow

Purposeful System

Like to try? 😎

Formalising informal communication is the cornerstone for building a solid remote team culture

Know your remote teammate,
better than you did yesterday

p.s. Have you read The Letter 💌? 🤓